Police join IDPs at Juba POC to celebrate peace

A group of IDPs gathered at police post along Juba-Yei road

Police and the IDPs at the protection of civilians’ site at  Juba’s Jebel suburb on Thursday have celebrated peace outside the camp, the police spokesperson has said.

Major General Daniel Justin said the displaced persons came out in big numbers this morning to appreciate the police unit at a check-point along Yei road.

And in return of a good gesture, he said they also joined them later on to celebrate with them.

“In the morning they came again and at around 2 we went there, we joined them celebrating, singing, dancing. Their number was really very big.”

General Justine who also joined in the peace dance with the IDPs, said they were surprised by the impromptu get together.

“For us we were not really prepared because we were just there to protect. We were concerned with their security, but to our surprise they came dancing and appreciating us.”

Justin described the celebration of the peace day as really nice and fantastic.


Eye Radio’s Nuer language newscaster, Ruot George, who collected voices of the IDPs, said the camp leaders exchanged telephone contacts with the police after discussing with them how to improve their relations.