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South Sudan ‘remains trapped in cycle of debt’

South Sudan remains trapped in a worsening cycle of debt as it is losing large portions of revenues through compensation agreements and defense expenses, according to a report by the World Bank. South Sudan has been using its net oil revenue to repay debts from oil trader Trafigura and advances to the Sudan. The World Bank says this has left the country with little net oil revenues to fund the 2018/2019 budget. “Given these financing shortfalls, the government has…

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New Evidence: The Real Reason Gaddafi Was Killed

Qaddafi was not killed for humanitarian purposes but for the oil and for money. His ideas of an African gold-backed currency were his major undoing. The recent Hillary Clinton email leaks have opened a can of worms everywhere including in Africa. Wikileaks released an unclassified U.S. Department of State document emailed to Clinton, dated April 2, 2011. Sidney Blumenthal, the sender of the email confirmed what the world already suspected. Qaddafi was not killed for humanitarian purposes but for the oil and for…

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South Sudan: No Amnesty for War Crimes

South Sudanese leaders should not undermine their efforts to bring an end to the country’s devastating conflict with an amnesty for war crimes and crimes against humanity, Human Rights Watch said. The parties to the conflict signed a peace agreement on August 5, 2018, in Khartoum, agreeing to new power sharing arrangements and a timetable for further talks. On August 8, President Salva Kiir offered a “general amnesty” to heads of armed groups involved in the nation’s five-year civil war as…

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