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There’s Been a Global Increase in Armed Groups. Can They Be Restrained?

Raiding among cattle-herding tribes is a traditional part of life in South Sudan, but in the past five years, the skirmishes have become more violent and unrestrained. Small armed bands that traditionally guarded their communities’ livestock have been drawn into bitter proxy battles between the country’s two largest tribes: the Dinka, who hold power in Juba, the national capital, and the Nuer. No longer limited to raiding each other’s villages and herds, these bands of well-armed tribal fighters have…

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Two South Sudan refugees die after World Cup game fight

Two South Sudanese refugees have died in a fight that erupted in a video hall, where they were watching a World Cup football match. The incident, according to the police, occurred during a game between Brazil Vs Switzerland on Sunday night at Tika Zone in Rhino Camp Settlement. Arua Regional Police Commander, Mr Jonathan Musinguzi said the fight was between a group of  Nuer tribesmen who attacked members of the Dinka tribe. Mr Musinguzi identified the two Dinka tribesmen…

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