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‘Sick and hungry’: Human cost of South Sudan’s civil war

With violence and the rainy season slowing aid operations, there are now concerns that preventable diseases caused by lack of food will instead become fatal. South Sudan’s civil war has left many suffering from preventable diseases as a result of severe medicine and food shortages. More than half of the country’s population is now dependent on aid aljazeera Share on:

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South Sudan’s Sosywood: Coming soon to a screen near you?

At the entrance to a wooden shack in a quiet neighbourhood of South Sudan’s capital, Juba, a young man in ripped jeans and sunglasses stands gripping a golden pistol, his finger hovering over the trigger. “And action!” comes the call from a corner of the cabin, where Emmanuel Lobijo Josto, 22, is directing a movie about gang warfare, wiping off sweat in the 40-degree Celsius (104F) heat. In the world’s newest nation, suffering from a conflict between rival factions…

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