China donates machinery to aid South Sudan's agricultural development | US ends financial assistance to South Sudan, warns of consequences | Gbudue government and SPLA-IO celebrates Peace in Yambio | Deadly Ebola outbreak in Congo puts South Sudan on high alert: U.N | How the United States Kept Arms Flowing into South Sudan |

US: Time for diplomatic niceties over in S Sudan

A US arms embargo on South Sudan is a warning to President Salva A US arms embargo on South Sudan is a warning to President Salva Kiir following five years of civil war: make peace, or face the consequences. Michael Morrow, the US charge d’affaires in Juba, said it was time for the South Sudanese government to take the lead in the peace process. His comments follow a statement from the American ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, that…

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South Sudan National Security Agents Accused of Rape, Arbitrary Arrests

  A new report released by South Sudan’s Human Rights Commission says national security operatives continue to rape women and girls and arbitrarily arrest and detain people across the country. The 53-page report, released Wednesday, also states that most victims of human rights abuses have no access to justice. The report details human rights violations and atrocities committed by security agents and other armed forces during the past two years. Critics say the commission must do more than simply…

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